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Society/Survey Training Program

2017 Society/Survey Archeological Training Program

The Mulberry River Project, Cass, Arkansas
June 10-25, 2017



Guidelines for Completing the Online Registration Form (Must be read thoroughly!)

The online Registration Form has four main sections that need to be completed.  Please read the information below carefully, as it well help in completing the form properly. Participation in the Training Program requires membership in the Society. If you are not already a member, please sign-up using our Online Membership Form prior to completing the Training Program Registration Form.

Section 1: General, Contact, and Lodging Information

In this first section, you will be asked to complete your contact information and answer a few questions regarding your stay at the Training Program. Please briefly tell us about your prior archeological experience as it will help us make the proper work assignments for both the field and lab.  Also in this section, we ask that you provide us your lodging information especially if you will be staying in the Society designated campground. Electricity may be available at some campsites, but this cannot be guaranteed.  An extra fee will apply if electricity is used.

Section 2: Registration and Fees

This section will tally all the pre-dig registration, camping, certification, and t-shirt fees.  A late fee is assessed if registering after the May deadline, please select the proper registration category.  The camping fee only applies if staying in the Society designated campground.  A one-time fee for the Certification Program applies for anyone wishing to sign-up.  The Cerfication Program is optional, but allows members to track their seminars and archeological experience and gain recognition while doing archeology in Arkansas. Dig t-shirts are available for purchase (please also indicate sizes for ordered shirts at the bottom of the form). Pre-ordering your shirt(s) will reserve one (or more) in your size.

Section 3: Attendee Information

Please complete this section for each attendee in your party. In this section you can sign-up for seminars and tell us what days you will be available for work. At the end of this section there is a text box where you can input any additional information that we may need.  In particular, we would appreciate the inclusion of an emergency contact number in case we need to use it on your behalf.

Section 4: Attendee Agreement and Legal Release

All participants in the Training Program (adults and minors) must read, agree, and abide by the Attendance Agreement and Legal Release shown below.  In addition, a Sponsors Agreement will be required for any participating child under 18 that will not be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  The Sponsors Agreement must be signed by both a parent/guardian and the sponsor.  Please sign and mail the Sponsors Agreement for each minor participating in the Training Program.

Attendance Agreement
(Must be agreed to on registration form.)

Individually and on behalf of any family members and sponsored minors attending the AAS Training Program with me, I hereby pledge and agree:
    To respect the rights of other participants, to keep the camping area clean, and to avoid disturbing other campers.
    To abide by the rules and codes of conduct of the AASociety/AASurvey Training Program, to obey the instructions of directors and other officials of the Training Program, and to perform such archeological work as assigned to me/us by the Project Archeologist and other Supervisory personnel.
    To care for and turn in all equipment, records, and supplies that do not belong to me/us; to collect and excavate archeological materials only when and where instructed by the Training Program officials; to properly record and turn in all artifacts and to keep records and controls of all archeological work.
   - To remain in the designated excavation area with Training Program participants at all times, unless accompanying a Instructor or Supervisor on an authorized visit to another site or location.
    To collect no artifacts for personal possession, or without instructions, during the Training Program.
   - I/We will respect the rights and property of landowners and will not damage or destroy public or private property.


Legal Release
(Must be agreed to on registration form.)

I hereby release the Arkansas Archeological Society, the Arkansas Archeological Survey, University of Arkansas System, USDA Forest Service, and Cass Job Corps from any and all liability for the safety and well being of me or members of my family while attending the 2017 Society Training Program.
I approve the use by the Arkansas Archeological Society and the Arkansas Archeological Survey of any photographs of me or members of my family taken at the Training Program for use in publications or for publicity and promotional purposes.


Clicking "Submit"

When you click Submit, you will be directed to Paypal to complete payment by credit card.  Please be aware that some additional expenses could be incurred while at the dig and must be paid before leaving the dig. Meals at the dig are the responsibility of each person. After completing your Paypal transaction, your information will be sent to us. You should receive two email confirmations: (1) receipt of your Paypal transaction AND (2) Training Program form submission.  If you have any questions please contact us at 479-575-3557 or at Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at our Training Program!